Someone Else’s Dream

The business men's goodbye catrin welz-stein

It is a good life;
A life so many desire.
But it is not the life for me.

Back when I was all surface,
no depth,
I was made to believe
this is where I had to be;
this, the only way
that I could ever be happy.
after an operose haul,
I am finally here.
And I feel like a fool.

Only now,
when the air itself feels surreal,
do I understand,
there is neither happiness
nor peace to be attained
by living someone else’s dream.

It is a swell life;
but it is not how I want to live mine.


Image Credit : The Business Men’s Goodbye by Catrin Welz-Stein


2 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Dream

  1. It’s better to be the main character in your own novel than a footnote in a novel written by someone else.

    Cool picture.


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