New Love

beth by ray dominic

That night about a week ago,
when you drove me home,
I saw you smile for the first time
in ages.
I assumed you had noticed my hair
and the new dress.

My heart fluttered with renewed hope.

The next few days
flew by in a happy haze;
The smile still upon your face
enveloping me,
like sunshine.

Then last night,
while you were asleep
I heard you call out a name
with so much longing
that I knew…

Your smile, like sunshine,
even though it made me glow for a while,
was never meant to warm my satellite heart.

How strange, I didn’t notice
what I can now clearly see –
A new love shines in your eyes,
purging every memory of me.

Yes, from now on,
bit by bit, every day,
whenever I’ll look into your eyes,
I know I shall see myself fading away.


Image  Credit : Beth by Ray Dominic


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