Close Noir by Quibe

I need to dance with you and listen to you sing. I need to look at you, and  catch your eye at the exact moment you turn your head and smile at me. You have shown me that magic exists; kindness is not a myth. You, I need to do so many things with you. I need to follow your fingers as they move rhythmically to the tune of the universe. I need to breathe in your effulgent happiness. I need to touch and feel your scalding soul. The sadness that grips you and the darkness that stains your eyes, I need to partake in its lilting stillness. And as you float and stumble, crash and burn through life, I need to be there, pulsing, writhing, drowning in the abyss of wanting you.

Image Credit: Close Noir by Quibe


Spirit Animal

NaPoWriMo Day #30
Poetry form: Free verse


People find it strange
that someone like me
who gets out of breath,
after two flights of stairs
considers the horse
to be her spirit animal.

Ironic though it may be,
isn’t it natural
for the somatically lazy
to have a wild soul
that runs free?

Image Credit: Gallop by Justin Maller

Why I Like You

NaPoWriMo Day #29
Poetry form: Free verse


You see the beauty.
I see only questions
which need no answers.
I am at once
vulnerable and defiant.

You cut through the pretence
of the important trivial things.
The morning news
is enough to bring me down.

I sulk in bed, wondering
what is the point of getting up.
You make sure I find one every day.

You know the significance
of not taking my navel-gazing
too seriously.

And when I despair at the futility
of trying to fix the broken world,
you show me with your endless zeal
and unwavering hope
that just trying
can make all the difference.

Image Credit: Artwork by Burdge

A Song for Me

NaPoWriMo Day #28
Poetry form: Lyric

Distant Melody by Amanda Besl

I sang a song that made them weep.
I sang a song that made them gasp.
I sang a song about lost love
although I had neither loved
nor suffered a great loss.

They fell in love with the song,
and showered me with praises.
I bristled at every kind word,
I loathed the adulation.
I couldn’t decide whom I hated more –
these people who couldn’t spot my insincerity
or myself for starting the sham.

Icy ball of fire,
vitriol soaked thoughts.
Raw from the undeserved love,
I sang another song –
this time of the putrid hatred
coursing through my veins.

My audience increased double-fold.
They applauded me for “being brave”
and “baring my pain”.
I couldn’t understand
how all my hostility
inspired such whole-hearted acceptance.

While I sat brooding,
one more song came to me.
A tender tune,
of warn repose.
And when I sang it,
I didn’t need to think
whether they would love it or hate it
because this time,
I sang the song for me
and I loved it.

Image Credit: Distant Melody by Amanda Besl


NaPoWriMo Day #27
Poetry form: Envelope Quintet

The Balance  by Christian Schloe

Inside each person, a battle raging.
Every instance posing a new question –
what you want to do and what you ought to.
A choice; will you take the right decision?
And that is what keeps life interesting.

Image Credit: The Balance  by Christian Schloe


NaPoWriMo Day #26
Poetry form: Tercet

by Samy Charnine

It is time to wake up
from the languid daydreams
that once I treasured so.

The place that used to be a haven,
an escape from life’s banality,
now feels like a gilded cage.

The mind wanders, untethered,
through sunlit corridors of indolence
pushing to see how far it can go.

Tantalizing me with possibilities,
never reality, this limbo
is only good for the occasional vacation.

Image Credit: The Sea Inside by Samy Charnine

Break Free

NaPoWriMo Day #25
Poetry form: Cinquain (traditional)


Break free
of the limits
you have set for yourself.
The only one who can save you
is you.

Image Credit: N/A