Making Up My Mind

Poetry form: Tanka

tarnished by amanda clyneKnowing what you want
is not always the same as
knowing what you need —
I learn, while staring back at
the stranger in the mirror.


Image Credit: Tarnished by Amanda Clyne


NaPoWriMo Day #30
Poetry form: Villanelleby Danielle Richard

One of these days, happiness shall be mine.
The clouds will disperse, sunshine will come to stay.
I need only keep a weather eye on the silver line.

Sometimes it is easy, it is hard sometimes.
If ever I start doubting myself, I simply say,
“One of these days, happiness shall be mine.”

Every once in a while, I can’t help but resign
myself to fate. Yet, I know I will be better the next day.
I need only keep a weather eye on the silver line.

Every blow, every bruise I receive  is just a sign
that my struggle is worth it. I will find my way.
One of these days, happiness shall be mine

There is no way to decrypt destiny’s design;
To keep from drowning, to keep the fear at bay
I need only keep a weather eye on the silver line.

What keeps me going is the belief that I will be fine.
When everything’s said and done, I will be okay.
One of these days, happiness shall be mine,
I need only keep a weather eye on the silver line.


Image Credit:  Painting by Danielle Richard

Perfect Fit

NaPoWriMo Day #29
Poetry form: DodoitsuLovers Holding Hands by Helga McLeod

I can see you are broken
in such exquisite fashion
that your jagged edges fit
perfectly with mine.


Image Credit: Lovers Holding Hands by Helga McLeod

What Next

NaPoWriMo Day #28
Poetry form: Fibcanary by loui Jover

the question
that keeps me awake
at night; troubled during the day.
Consumed by this exhausting, insatiable hunger
to decipher the mysteries of a nebulous future, I find it mighty hard
to take a deep breath, look around, notice all the colors and revel in the beauty of how far I have come from the shadows of my past.


Image Credit: Canary by Loui Jover

Northern Winds

NaPoWriMo Day #27
Poetry form: Prose49244_1148562023_large

You will find my heart somewhere in the folds of your rolled up sleeves. Or maybe it is tucked in between the crinkles around your eyes which serve as tiny pathways to your soul. Perhaps, you should inspect the space between your fingers to check for any traces I might have left when I left myself behind with you. I’m weightless now. And I don’t want you to be burdened anymore. So in case you find the heart that once was mine, I want you to close your eyes and blow it away to the Northern winds.

Remember this — I’m only gone from myself. Never from you.


Image Credit: Digital art by Guo Jian

In Too Deep

NaPoWriMo Day #26
Poetry form: Lyric


It’s frightening how
a word from you
can lift me from
the depths of despondence.
Your absence,
even for the briefest time period,
can leave me agitated,
a quivering mass of nerves.
for a mad moment,
I yearn to show you
how completely you own me.
It passes…
You can never know
of the incredible hold
you have over me.
I fear
all the violently wonderful
feelings I conceal
will one day
cause me to implode.
But then
you look at me
with such stillness,
I feel see-through.

Of course you know.


Image Credit: N/A

The Second Time

NaPoWriMo Day #25
Poetry form: Cinqkuiris-scott-finger-painting-girl-park

I know
I’m in love
when once again
the colors start singing
for me.


Image Credit: Girl in Park by Iris Scott