I Wait

NaPoWriMo Day #19
Poetry form: Free Verse

Josef Kote - The Promise

Often I look back
and try to pinpoint the day,
the moment, I became
the type of person
who, when life is perfect,
waits with bated breath,
for the other shoe to drop.

Always, I hope
that bad times are not here to stay,
only to be disappointed
while bad slides to worse
with each passing day.

When did I become the fool
who believes that just because
night follows day,
and dawn lifts the shadows,
that when the going is good
something terrible is around the corner?

Has it ever been so
that life has served me
joy and grief in equal measure?

But still I wait
for the situation to change…
Unable to enjoy the good,
unfit to deal with the pain.
Stuck jumping through the hoops
of my hyperactive brain.


Image Credit : The Promise by Josef Kote


NaPoWriMo Day #15
Poetry form: Couplet

by HelgaMcL

My story is a mess, it’s going nowhere;
Continuous, never-ending like Penrose stairs.

So let me be the hero of your story —
I’d like to save you, taste some of that hero’s glory.

I will fight off your demons; for you I’ll bleed.
I will listen to you talk if that’s what you need.

I will hold you to me and never let go.
Breathe life into your stone heart, I will kiss you so.

I will help you break the chains and set yourself free
And maybe, someday, you can do the same for me.


Image Credit: Reflections of a Kissing Couple by HelgaMcL